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2018 Events

Getting a concussion may have knocked me down and made me push back my release dates, but it didn’t put me out of the game. So if you’ve been wanting to come and meet me and have me sign your books, this is where I’m going to be! My first Author Appearance will be at… Continue reading 2018 Events
New Release, Sneak Peek

Lycan’s Mate Sneak Peek #3

Lycan's Mate By Caryn Moya Block Sneak Peek #3 She leaned down and kissed him. Licking and sucking, she pulled his lower lip into her mouth. Mischa groaned. More desire flowed into the mating bond, feeding her own. Gwen sighed, completely relaxed. She continued to kiss Mischa’s mouth and then his jaw and down to… Continue reading Lycan’s Mate Sneak Peek #3

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Thank you for all the great comments – Prizes are in the mail

The Paris Prizes are in the mail. Thank you to everyone who left a comment! "A Siberian Werewolf In Paris" will be out September 17, 2013. Josephine is going to lead Valerii on a merry chase. But to a lycan the chase is foreplay. Leaving for the UK today for a 21 day tour of… Continue reading Thank you for all the great comments – Prizes are in the mail

Personal Commentary

Home from Maine – Rockland Lobster Festival

My husband won a trip to Maine, which happened to fall on the dates of Rockland Maine's Lobster Festival. I had never been to Maine before and all of our friends talked about the boiled lobsters and the lobster rolls. (Picture Below) They were right. The Lobster was so fresh no matter where we went.… Continue reading Home from Maine – Rockland Lobster Festival