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Thank you for all the great comments – Prizes are in the mail

Paris Prize 001The Paris Prizes are in the mail. Thank you to everyone who left a comment! “A Siberian Werewolf In Paris” will be out September 17, 2013. Josephine is going to lead Valerii on a merry chase. But to a lycan the chase is foreplay.

Leaving for the UK today for a 21 day tour of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. I am going to visit all the places Grigori and the English pack live and play. This is a vacation of a lifetime and I can’t wait. If you are a fan and reside in one of these countries, send me an email at: and maybe we can meet up at a pub. I have two days in Dublin, Edinburg and London.

I hope to be taking some great pictures which I will share here and on Facebook when I get back. Not sure how the WIFI will be in the UK, but if I can post while on the trip, I will. Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “Thank you for all the great comments – Prizes are in the mail”

  1. Have a wonderful time. That is a trip I would have loved to take. At least half of my ancestors come from Ireland. Some from France. There is even a bit of Scottish thrown in there. My father’s father was full Irish. Loved him to pieces.

    1. Thanks, Debra. I have Scottish, Welsh, and French, as well as Lakota, and Spanish thrown in. Rumors of an Irish princess kidnapped by a Spanish pirate. Who know for sure? 🙂
      I am sure the trip is going to be wonderful. I can’t wait to see what will inspire me. What books will come because of the trip? I want to take lots of pictures. Maybe some that I will use as book covers. I am so excited it’s hard to sit still. 🙂
      Thanks for the best wishes!

    1. Thanks, Helen. I can’t wait to see all the wonders of the UK. Plus I am sure my lycan characters will want to show me where their next adventure should take place. 🙂

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