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Destined Magic

A Witch Guardian Romance, #1

This is an intriguing story of good magic versus evil magic, love and betrayal, action and suspense that keeps the reader absorbed from beginning to end. Earth witch and Guardian, Garrett Amhurst finds his “Destined One” while investing a case of blood magic. Gabriella Ross is a water witch and will do anything to protect her sister, even step in front of a bullet.

This steady to fast paced plot keeps readers on their toes as the investigation progresses and the Guardians discover that the case is way more complex than they thought.  The author paints the story with vibrant images and details making the reader feel as if they are part to the story and the characters are strong, compelling and easily related to.  Anticipation builds throughout the story as betrayals and magic complicates the Guardian’s investigation and the reader tries to guess just who is behind the evil blood cult who has no respect for life.

The attraction between Gabriella and Garrett radiates from the pages, but the relationship is hindered by family and work related issues that are not so easily swept aside.  The couple may be destined to be together, but the choice is theirs so they have to work out their issues to have any chance of a future together. The reader easily gets caught up in the emotions and passions of the characters as they follow the relationship from its rocky start through the mating ceremony and hot and steamy sex scenes. So when the couple has their happily ever after in their grasp, the reader is on pins and needles when the blood cult threatens their very lives.

The world created by the author is fascinating and intriguing and while some things follow along most tenants of magical stories, the author has added a few surprises and elements of her own to spice things up and that makes it refreshingly different.  I was captivated by the bewitching characters and engrossed in the story to the very end and the epilogue is such a tease, I will definitely be reading this series.

Book Blurb for Destined Magic

Garrett Amhurst, a member of the Witch Guardian Police Force, investigates a claim of blood magic at the Blue Dolphin. He is surprised to find his “Destined One” is the owner. She isn’t guilty of participating in the illegal rituals. But her sister is and it’s Garrett’s job to bring her to justice.

Gabriella Ross, Water Witch, knows her sister is hooked on the magic high of blood magic. But she can’t turn her in to the Guardians. They would strip her sister of her magic. Gabriella would do anything to save her little sister, including stepping in front of a bullet.

Contains Adult Content

Destined Magic Review

A Girl and Her Kindle

Destined Magic by Caryn Moya Block Review



Title: Destined Magic
Series: A Witch Guardian Romance, Book 1
Author: Caryn Moya Block
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 220
Price: $3.99
Thoughts: Imaginative, romantic, and sexy.

Book Synopsis:

Garrett Amhurst, a member of the Witch Guardian Police Force, investigates a claim of blood magic at the Blue Dolphin. He is surprised to find his “Destined One” is the owner. She isn’t guilty of participating in the illegal rituals. But her sister is and it’s Garrett’s job to bring her to justice.
Gabriella Ross, Water Witch, knows her sister is hooked on the magic high of blood magic. But she can’t turn her in to the Guardians. They would strip her sister of her magic. Gabriella would do anything to save her little sister, including stepping in front of a bullet.


I read a lot of paranormal romance, it’s one of my favorite genres. With that said, I was really impressed with Destined Magic by Caryn Moya Block. I loved that the book was imaginative and not the same old, same old. I also loved the characters and the storyline. I found the book to be romantic and sexy. If you love paranormal romance, read Destined Magic.


Shadow of My Heart – 5 Star Review and Top Pick

Night Owl Reviews – Shadow of My Heart

5 Stars

  • Author: Caryn Moya Block
  • Review by: Arianne
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags:
  • Publisher: Caryn Moya Block
  • night owl reviews reviewertoppick2
  • Book Blurb for Shadow of My Heart

    Raven Darkwood, Shadow Walker, leader, and shaman of the Nuni Nagi Tribe, as well as CEO of Isanti Inc., the conglomerate his tribe owns and manages, is also a spy for the government. His mentor Isanti Quiet Thunder has prophesied the perfect mate for him. But how can he find her when he doesn’t have time to date? And how can he bring an innocent into his crazy violent world?

    Cara Hamilton wants nothing more than to be with Raven Darkwood the CEO of Isanti, Inc. But she quickly finds Raven lives and works in a dangerous world and that is before she learns of his special ability to walk into another dimension. Can she conquer her fear and put her trust in Raven and his tribe?

NOR Review on “A Siberian Werewolf In Paris” Siberian Werewolf in Paris Edited

  • 4.0 Stars
  • Author: Caryn Moya Block
  • Review by: Lisa Jung
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags:
  • Publisher: Caryn Moya Block
  • This is another great book in the Siberian Werewolf Series. We see Jo grow up and find her mate and we are introduced to the werewolves of Paris. In all this book is highly recommended for fans of the series and for new fans. Do start at the beginning and enjoy discovering this great shifter series.

2012 in review – Happy New Year

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

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4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 14,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

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5 Stars for My Mate’s Embrace – Night Owl Reviews

Night Owl Reviews has reviewed

“My Mate’s Embrace” by Caryn Moya Block.

Title: My Mate’s Embrace
Authors: Caryn Moya Block
Score: 5.00 / 5 – Reviewer Top Pick
Active Date: Nov 3, 2012

The Siberian Volkov Series keeps getting better with each book. I found myself totally engrossed in this story. The only drawback is the cliffhanger, so now I have to wait for the next one to come out. Of course I’m not so patiently waiting again for another book by Caryn Moya Block.
Each book in this series revolves around a wolf shapeshifter finding his perfect mate. In My Mate’s Embrace we have Laurel. She is leaving an abusive situation with her stepfather. While on the run she is rescued by Anton…our hot and sexy shapeshifter. He sees that someone has been struggling up a dangerous path. With his sense of smell he can tell it is his mate. He hears her cries for help when she loses her footing. He hates to see anyone in danger. The situation becomes even more intense. He has to help her overcome her fears that have been instilled by her stepfather’s continual abuse. Can Anton help her piece her soul back together and become the mate that she is destined to be.


Culpeper Star-Exponent – Moon kissed passion.

By: Allison Brophy Champion | Culpeper Star-Exponent Published: September 08, 2012 Updated: September 08, 2012 – 12:00 AM

A Bealeton author recently accepted a 2012 Global eBook Award for her first self-published digital novel, a steamy paranormal romance involving a dashingly handsome wolf man and fiercely independent woman photographer with psychic ability.

Caryn Moya Block, president of the Windmore Foundation for the Arts of Culpeper, earned the award Aug. 18 for “Alpha’s Mate,” the first in a series about a Siberian pack of werewolves prowling for passion.

“The message is love conquers all,” said the author. “Personally, I believe that — I believe love is the most powerful source in the world. If you really love, you can overcome evil. You can overcome anything. I am very much an optimist.”

Since publishing Jan. 1, “Alpha’s Mate” has sold about 20,000 copies online, available at and most other eBook sites for 99 cents. The title won in the category of contemporary romance at an eBook ceremony Aug. 17 in Santa Barbara, Calif. In addition to that honor, Block, a wife and mother, was named one of the “Top 50 Indie Authors for April 2012.”

Married for more than three decades, Block, 52, spent her childhood in California before moving to Arizona during high school and college. She grew up reading the classic mysteries of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie before delving into fantasy fiction.

As the wife of a U.S. Air Force servicemen, she lived in Hawaii and Germany prior to moving to Virginia. A former educator, Block has lived in Bealeton for six years and has two grown sons.

She always loved to write and read, and dreamed about publishing her own book.

When Block’s husband turned 50 a few years ago, the urgency to do so increased.

“I started thinking about the things I wanted to accomplish in my life and this was a biggie I had left alone,” she said.

Block, borrowing from her innate adoration for wolves, embarked on a two-year journey of education and research, taking classes on how to write an eBook and investigating the Siberian legend about a she-wolf who mates with a human male and gives birth to 10 half male, half wolf sons.

One of these, Ashina, was supposedly the first Mongol Khan warrior, according to legend.

Siberia seemed the natural setting for Block’s book.

“I started thinking about where would you put a pack of werewolves in the world where no one could find them?” Block said.

Enter leading man Dmitry Volkov of Moscow, Lycanthrope debonair in her award-winning first book.

“In my world being a shape shifter is not a curse its just genetics,” said Block.

“Like most alpha males, Dmitry is arrogant and dominant, but he is also loving and loyal. Wolves are very loyal. They mate for life. They are also highly intelligent, one of the few species besides primates that educate their children. The more I learned about wolves and legend all the pieces fell together.”

“Alpha’s Mate” leading lady Violet Anderson, an American wildlife photographer who thrives on solitude, is not your average love interest as she is able to read minds. When Dmitry catches sight of her in a Russian nightclub, it is all he can do to restrain himself.

His breath caught, his heart clenched. She was small, her body slim, breasts full and tempting in her pink camisole top. Her mahogany hair was long, falling to her waist. He drank in the sight of her, wanting nothing more to look at her forever…His blood heated, his body ached with arousal. He wanted her. Emotions – hunger, lust, joy, confusion – crashed over him like a giant wave. His wolf spirit surged to the surface. He wanted to hunt, capture, mate.”

And that’s the first chapter.

Block said her novel, albeit racy, is tame compared to most of today’s romance books.

“I try to make my stories as real as possible,” she said, characterizing ‘Alpha’s Mate’ as being on the low end of graphic love scenes. “I had someone tell me they wouldn’t give me a five-star review because there wasn’t enough sex in it.”

But “Alpha’s Mate” has heat.

The attraction for Violet mirrors that of the wolf man desiring her.

She could still feel the warmth of his hands on her body branding her. It was crazy. Thinking about him made her hot. The man was arrogant and elegant and infuriating. She wanted to kick him as much as she wanted to kiss him.”

And that’s chapter two.

Thoroughly readable and naughtily entertaining, “Alpha’s Mate” stokes the flames of love. As for real-life marriage, Block believes long-term love is possible.

“I wouldn’t say we are always hot,” she said of her own marriage, “but we are always friends.”

Block, a member of Windmore’s Pen to Paper writers group, said she was surprised and thrilled to win the eBook Award for “Alpha’s Mate.”

She has already released a second digital book in the series, “A Siberian Werewolf in London.” A third book, “My Mate’s Embrace,” is due out this fall. For more information, check out

Thank you Allison for a great article.

5 Star Review for “A Siberian Werewolf in London”

A fabulous new review – 5 stars! I am so excited! Here it is:

A NIGHT OWL REVIEWS BOOK REVIEW | Reviewed by: Angibabi4

I absolutely loved this second installment in the Siberian Volkov Pack series. It had everything that made me fall in love with the first one. The story line is great. You can read this as a stand-alone, but it is so much better if you’ve read the first one. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on any of the books in this series. I am anxiously awaiting the next.

Melisande comes to London to grade and date a tapestry for Lady Ashtown. Melisande has a gift, she can always tell the history behind anything she touches. This makes her an expert in the field of authentication of old tapestries. Right after she arrives at London she meets Grigori and for whatever reason she finds herself drawn to the man. They are strangers, yet she finds that she feels like she has known him all her life. He’s the missing part of her life.

For Grigori, going to London was a way to help Scotland Yard capture the people responsible for stealing from his pack. He definitely wasn’t expecting to find his mate in the form of Melisande, an American in London on assignment for Lady Ashtown. Yet, here she is, his mate, and because of assistance to Scotland Yard she has become a target for a Russian assassin. Will Meli and Grigori make it out of London alive? Will they have a chance to explore all the avenues of being mates? Come along with me on this London adventure in the second installment of the Volkov pack. You are sure to enjoy it.