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  New Review for Destined Magic.

Destined Magic

A Witch Guardian Romance, #1

This is an intriguing story of good magic versus evil magic, love and betrayal, action and suspense that keeps the reader absorbed from beginning to end. Earth witch and Guardian, Garrett Amhurst finds his “Destined One” while investing a case of blood magic. Gabriella Ross is a water witch and will do anything to protect her sister, even step in front of a bullet.

This steady to fast paced plot keeps readers on their toes as the investigation progresses and the Guardians discover that the case is way more complex than they thought.  The author paints the story with vibrant images and details making the reader feel as if they are part to the story and the characters are strong, compelling and easily related to.  Anticipation builds throughout the story as betrayals and magic complicates the Guardian’s investigation and the reader tries to guess just who is behind the evil blood cult who has no respect for life.

The attraction between Gabriella and Garrett radiates from the pages, but the relationship is hindered by family and work related issues that are not so easily swept aside.  The couple may be destined to be together, but the choice is theirs so they have to work out their issues to have any chance of a future together. The reader easily gets caught up in the emotions and passions of the characters as they follow the relationship from its rocky start through the mating ceremony and hot and steamy sex scenes. So when the couple has their happily ever after in their grasp, the reader is on pins and needles when the blood cult threatens their very lives.

The world created by the author is fascinating and intriguing and while some things follow along most tenants of magical stories, the author has added a few surprises and elements of her own to spice things up and that makes it refreshingly different.  I was captivated by the bewitching characters and engrossed in the story to the very end and the epilogue is such a tease, I will definitely be reading this series.

Book Blurb for Destined Magic

Garrett Amhurst, a member of the Witch Guardian Police Force, investigates a claim of blood magic at the Blue Dolphin. He is surprised to find his “Destined One” is the owner. She isn’t guilty of participating in the illegal rituals. But her sister is and it’s Garrett’s job to bring her to justice.

Gabriella Ross, Water Witch, knows her sister is hooked on the magic high of blood magic. But she can’t turn her in to the Guardians. They would strip her sister of her magic. Gabriella would do anything to save her little sister, including stepping in front of a bullet.

Contains Adult Content