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Shadow of My Heart – 5 Star Review and Top Pick

Night Owl Reviews – Shadow of My Heart

5 Stars

  • Author: Caryn Moya Block
  • Review by: Arianne
  • Genre: Romance
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  • Publisher: Caryn Moya Block
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  • Book Blurb for Shadow of My Heart

    Raven Darkwood, Shadow Walker, leader, and shaman of the Nuni Nagi Tribe, as well as CEO of Isanti Inc., the conglomerate his tribe owns and manages, is also a spy for the government. His mentor Isanti Quiet Thunder has prophesied the perfect mate for him. But how can he find her when he doesn’t have time to date? And how can he bring an innocent into his crazy violent world?

    Cara Hamilton wants nothing more than to be with Raven Darkwood the CEO of Isanti, Inc. But she quickly finds Raven lives and works in a dangerous world and that is before she learns of his special ability to walk into another dimension. Can she conquer her fear and put her trust in Raven and his tribe?

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    1. Thanks Janet,
      I am so glad you enjoyed it!
      Derek and Katherine are talking to me now and hopefully we will get “Love in the Shadows” done and out by March.
      Thanks for the comment,

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