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Special Prequel to “A Siberian Werewolf in Paris” Coming September 17th, 2013

Siberian Werewolf in Paris EditedBetween vacations and working with a new editor “A Siberian Werewolf in Paris” won’t be out until September 17th, 2013. Because I promised it to you in August, I wanted to give you something to hold you for the added few weeks. Below is a piece of the story that was cut. It’s just an everyday scene between Valerii and Josephine and her foster brothers. I hope you enjoy it. Also, I have a prize for one lucky person who leaves a comment. A Paris flashlight and notebook. (See picture below) The question is: What do you think Josephine’s brothers did to deserve this reaction? Be creative!

Special Prequel to “A Siberian Werewolf In Paris” Coming September 17, 2013.

Paris Prize 001

Valerii Belikov, Siberian lycan, looked through field glasses and honed in on the young lycan, Little Joe, running ahead of the pack of youngsters. In his mind, Valerii thought of her as “Josie,” but was careful to never call her by that name. The old hunting platform in the large oak offered him a view of the entire obstacle course. Grigori, the English Alpha, had installed the training run on the property. “Discipline the body and you discipline the mind” was Grigori’s motto when working with young lycans.

Little Joe had outrun her foster brothers by quite a distance. Her small form flew over the obstacle course, her legs and arms pumping. Her white-blond hair, cut in a boy’s style, shone in the morning sun. Once more, Valerii wondered why she pretended to be a boy. What was she hiding from?

Watching her, Valerii’s body reacted. His wolf howled to be released, to hunt and possess. Though he had hoped to claim her over the past year or so, the mating bond hadn’t snapped into place.

Govno! shit!” Valerii shook his head. His bones began to contort, and fur burst through his skin. He gritted his teeth, fighting the change, fighting the need to go to her. He subdued his wolf spirit with strength of will. He would not approach a female lycan without the bond. It didn’t matter what his wolf or body told him. His shape settled into its human form. Sweat lay on his skin, and his hands trembled. Undeterred, he put the glasses back to his face.

Little Joe reached the rope obstacle and easily swung over the small pond beneath. But once on the other side, instead of continuing forward on the course, she turned toward the tree next to the pond and quickly climbed branches to the top.

“What is she doing?” He reached for her mind with his telepathy, but like so many times before, it bounced off as if running into a wall. That alone should have told him this little female was not his true mate. All mates could speak telepathically to each other, even when telepathy wasn’t one of their gifts. But the thought of giving up on the possibility made his heart ache.

He raised the glasses to follow her progress and watched in amazement as she settled herself on one of the upper branches. She reached into a crook of the tree limb and lifted a green backpack into her lap.

Seth, the oldest of the young lycans, ran into the clearing and grabbed the rope. As he swung across, a water balloon slammed into his face and burst. With a look of surprise, his hands slipped and released the rope. He fell into the pond.

Seth slogged out of the water and marched up to the tree, wringing out his shirt and shouting up at the unrepentant Little Joe. He looked murderous. For a moment, Valerii thought about rescuing Little Joe. But in his heart, Valerii knew Seth would never hurt his foster sister. Valerii elevated the glasses to see Little Joe smiling down at Seth and laughing. His breath caught. These past twelve months had changed her into a woman from the waif who’d appeared at their back door two years before. Running the training course had honed her muscles, and her curves could no longer be camouflaged by her baggy clothes and hunched shoulders.

When Rosie had first come to work for the pack, Valerie noticed Little Joe right away. Female lycans were few. One of Rosie’s conditions of employment was that everyone kept Little Joe’s secret, and so they did. But for how long would Little Joe continue with this ruse? Everyone, Valerii included, treated Josie like glass. But the woman laughing down at her brother was anything but fragile.

The twins, Donny and Adam, ran into the clearing. They both reached for the rope. Donny grabbed it first, but Adam refused to let him have it. As they began to argue, two more water balloons flew through the air and hit each of them on the head.

“Little joker.” Valerii smiled, then chuckled. He wondered briefly what the boys had done to irk their foster sister.

Just then, Jeremy, the youngest, ran into the clearing and into the twins, who were wiping their faces with their shirts. All three of them sprawled into the pond. Jeremy surfaced first and reached a hand down to Donny. Adam lay face down in the water and didn’t move.

Valerii gasped as Little Joe jumped from the tree into the water. She quickly reached for Adam and turned him over. Her face, scrunched up in worry, noticeably paled when the water around Adam’s head turned red with blood.

Not wasting a moment, Valerii jumped from the hunting platform to the forest floor. His body ached briefly from the two-story jump, before he started running with preternatural speed to the pond. Lycans were both stronger and faster than humans.

When Valerii arrived, Little Joe was holding Adam in her arms. Donny and Jeremy were helping her lift him from the pond. Seth stood at the edge of the water reaching for his foster brother’s body. A large gash on Adam’s face bled profusely.

“He needs to shift,” Little Joe said, directing the others. “Lay him down. Seth, use your telepathy to link with him.”

“I’ll do it.” Valerii strode forward into the clearing and kneeled down next to the boy. He burrowed quickly into Adam’s mind. He could feel that Adam was already rousing and would awaken in a few more seconds. He sighed with relief as he called to the young man with his telepathy.

Wake now, Adam. You need to shift.

Small hands reached in front of him to begin lifting the T-shirt from Adam’s body. If the boy shifted with his clothes on, they would be ripped to shreds. Valerii turned to find Little Joe beside him. Her female scent, often hidden with hunter’s spray, wafted over him. She smelled sweet like honey. His mouth watered for a taste.

“I’ll do it. See what happens when you take a joke too far?” Valerii’s voice came out in a growl, and he immediately wanted to call it back.

Hurt crossed Little Joe’s eyes before she lifted her chin and stared into his face. Only an alpha wolf would challenge him like this.

“My joke didn’t harm him. A rock in the pond did. This was an accident.” Little Joe stood up and, with a last worried glance at her foster brother, moved away. Adam moaned, and his eyes fluttered open. Seth kneeled down, his face troubled.

“”Chyort Vossmi, Damn it all.” Valerii shook his head, knowing he had hurt Little Joe. “Adam you need to shift. Do you think you can sit up?”

While Valerii and Seth helped Adam disrobe, Valerii couldn’t help but look for the young woman who had him tied up in knots. She had disappeared.


Putain, Dammit,” Josephine swore under her breath as she ran, using her preternatural speed, back to the manor house. “He should know I would never hurt one of my brothers.”

She ran in the kitchen door and up two flights of back stairs, before going into her room and slamming the door. She fell on her bed and stared at the ceiling. Through the open window, she heard a wolf howl, soon followed by three others. Adam had shifted, and it sounded like the rest of her brothers had joined him. What was Valerii doing? Would he shift as well, or would he come looking for her?

She shouldn’t have challenged him over his stupid remark. He was the Beta of the pack and ranked higher in the lycan hierarchy. But, please. Everyone knew she would never purposely hurt one of her brothers. They were the only family she had now, and she loved them all dearly, even when they held her down and tickled her until she got the hiccups.

Sighing, she stood up and sat on the windowsill, one leg dangling over the edge. She stared into the forest, trying to catch a glimpse of Valerii in his wolf form. Instead, it was the man, who walked down the trail toward the house. His hands were stuffed in his pockets, and his shoulders hunched as he stared at the ground. The morning sun glinted off his long blond braids. Her wolf jumped forward, wanting to come out. But, Josephine pushed her back. She didn’t run as a wolf where someone could see her.

Josephine stilled, her entire focus on Valerii. She loved looking at him. His body moved with grace, and her hands itched to feel his molded chest. She knew under those tight jeans, muscled thighs waited for her touch. More than anything she longed to feel his arms around her. But he never noticed her. He treated her like all the other boys.

She should just go up and kiss him. What would his reaction be? Would he finally see her as a woman and not as the boy she pretended to be? Wasn’t it time to come out of hiding?

The men who had killed her father had never discovered her here in England. She tried to picture her beloved father’s face, but a pain jabbed behind her eyes. That had happened a lot after her escape. To stop the pain, she never thought about her time spent in the laboratory. The only time she seemed to remember her parents’ faces was when she dreamed of them and her life in Paris. She wasn’t that scared little girl anymore. She needed to start acting like the Alpha she wanted to be.

Valerii reached the walkway to the kitchen door. He suddenly stopped and looked up at her window. Frozen by his stare, and caught watching him, Josephine lifted her chin and looked back. Her nipples hardened under the towel she used to bind them, and her underwear grew wet.

Valerii hands clenched into fists. He grimaced and walked into the house.

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance at the “Paris Prize”. I’ll be back in the country in early September and will release a few sneak peeks as we get closer to September 17th. Check back for more information or stop by my Facebook page at: .  I can’t wait to hear your ideas about why the boys deserved their foster sister’s revenge.

20 thoughts on “Special Prequel to “A Siberian Werewolf in Paris” Coming September 17th, 2013”

  1. I want more! Can’t wait until September 17th, that will be one of my birthday gifts to myself. My birthday is the 12th. I think she got back at them for tickling her until she got the hiccups………

  2. Aahhh I wanted more…

    Josephine is a young woman who doesn’t yet know how to attract the male that interests her – hence the speed and the tricks.

    Definitely agree with above that she is trying to get back at her brothers for something they did where she thought they did her a disservice.

    1. Thanks, Pat.
      I agree with you about Josephine.
      Remember this prequel is to hold you over until September 17, 2013, when “A Siberian Werewolf In Paris” will be released.
      Thanks for the comment,

  3. Ahhh I want to read more. I’ll definitely be on track for the Sept unveiling.

    Did she know Valerii was watching? Were her newly discovered female instincts sensing that? Is she a young woman trying to get the attention of a particular man only she doesn’t know how yet and resorts to kid’s pranks?
    I think this is a young woman growing into her alpha position, testing, trying and flubbing as she learns. She isn’t experienced enough yet to see that she has Valerii’s attention. Nor does she yet know how to flirt and attract.
    I also agree with the above that she is getting back at her brothers for something they did. In this she is still a kid.

    1. Of course she knows Valerlii is there. She is a lycan. She can most likely catch his essence in the air and she can feel the bond.

  4. Okay, it didn’t post my comment, let me try this again. Loved this scene! Since speed is little Joe’s thing, I’m guessing that she had let her brothers win at something, and they taunted her by saying she wasn’t as fast or strong as they were. What a great way of getting ahead and “getting in their faces” with it.

    1. Thanks, CMRose2003,
      Yeah, I’m sure they did something to get her upset. But she wasn’t afraid to let them know. I really like Josephine. She may be young, but she is fiery.
      Good luck in the drawing.

  5. Well..I think it was a few things. One was probably payback for a joke that was pulled on her. Another, she wanted to show Valerii that she could out do her brothers and that she was alpha enough for him and she wanted to show her brothers that she could out do them and take care of herself.

  6. I think brothers will be brothers and they love to tease Josephine. Josephine’s response by throwing the balloons was a great response.

  7. I think Josephine threw the balloons because she wanted to catch Valerii’s attention. Just like any young woman does things like that. She thinks he doesn’t notice her. She is shy.. She is use to keeping herself quiet and in the shadows.

      1. I keep a really long list each month to order. I pick 10 or so a month from it to order. The ones I have missed are on it. Its just a matter of time till I catch up. lol Plus the new one. I love series more then stand alones.

    1. Thanks, Cori. Any idea why Josephine would throw water balloons at her brothers?
      Answer the question for a chance at the “Paris Prize”.
      New book is coming September 17th, 2013.

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