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Lycan Next Generation

My readers have been asking about the next generation stories that go with my three paranormal series, The Siberian Volkov Pack Romances, The Witch Guardian Fantasy Romances and The Shadow Walker Romances. These stories would highlight the children of the various couples you met before, all grown up. I’m so excited to announce that the… Continue reading Lycan Next Generation

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“Aqua Magic” featured on USA Today’s HEA Blog.

Aqua Magic is featured on USA Today's popular romance blog, Happy Ever After. Aqua Magic Book Four of the Witch Guardian Romance Series Brenna Ross is trapped in her own mind. Possessed by a Marwolaeth, that is slowly killing her, it used her to murder those she loves. As hard as she struggles to… Continue reading “Aqua Magic” featured on USA Today’s HEA Blog.

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A New World

Happy Discoverer’s Day. How do you celebrate? I like to think of all the people who have gone before and those who will go boldly forward in the future. The idea of visiting other places or planets is exciting. What will we find? A new species? How do they govern themselves? What kind of communities… Continue reading A New World

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Fiery Magic – Sneak Peek#3

If you like stories with magic, dragons, and witches, you’ll love this book of fantasy, adventure, and most of all — romance. Pre-Order your copy today!   Coming September 6, 2016 Fiery Magic Book Three in the Witch Guardian Romance Series Haytham Luften is an Air Witch Guardian supporting his team members while fighting Blood… Continue reading Fiery Magic – Sneak Peek#3

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Aerial Magic – Book Trailer

Aerial Magic Book Two of the Witch Guardian Romance Series Elise Delaire, the Guardian healer, goes to the bonding ceremony of her best friend. While there, Mabel Avery, the commander of the Guardians, introduces her to Curtis Brant. But when Elise shakes Brant’s hand, she realizes that not only is this man not who he… Continue reading Aerial Magic – Book Trailer

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New Release – Aerial Magic

It's Here! I had so much fun writing this book and working with my editor to make it the best version it could be. My other series of books is set in contemporary Earth, except for adding some well hidden paranormal beings and talents. This series begins that way with Destined Magic and then the magic… Continue reading New Release – Aerial Magic

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Aerial Magic – Sneak Peek #3

Aerial Magic Caryn Moya Block Sneak Peek #3: “Uh, uh, uh. None of that,” Owen said, taking her hand from his body and pulling it to the headboard. “You are mine, little healer, all mine. Wood so hard, mold and carve, bracelet wrists to hold and guard.” The wood of the headboard stretched and opened… Continue reading Aerial Magic – Sneak Peek #3

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Aerial Magic – Sneak Peek #2

Aerial Magic By Caryn Moya Block Sneak Peek #2: Trumpets blared and a woman wearing a crystal studded emerald dress and tall silver crown entered, followed by several more guards. Pearls lay draped in her long white blond hair. “At last, Owen has sent Rhaim home. Guards take my nephew to the dungeon until I… Continue reading Aerial Magic – Sneak Peek #2

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Aerial Magic – Sneak Peek #1

Aerial Magic by Caryn Moya Block Sneak Peek #1: As their hands touched, sparks shot from their fingertips. A shock of electricity traveled up her arm and into her heart. The man in front of her wavered, growing taller. His hair turned white blond and fell to his shoulders. The thick glasses disappeared and his… Continue reading Aerial Magic – Sneak Peek #1