So excited

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I am so excited. Life is full of changes and right now mine is in an uproar. I’m buying a new house, taking care of my three granddaughters ages three and under. Getting ready to move and facing retirement.

Yes, for a while I moped around and had difficulty writing, but then I was called by my angels to do another project. “Angel Whispers,” where I share the ArchAngel’s messages with you. You will find these messages over at

As I write the messages to share with you, I am uplifted and held in divine hands. It feels wonderful. I started writing again and expect to publish Aqua Magic by the fall. Life feels more meaningful and connected. The craziness isn’t as bad. I can find peace and have a strong sense of security. Hallelujah!

I hope the messages can do some of the same for you. Ask the angels to walk with you everyday. They are waiting for your call.

New Children’s Book

Rainbow Lights Cover copy

New Release in the Psychic Kids Series:

Rainbow Lights

A Book for Children Who See Auras

By Caryn Block

Johnathan sees Auras around all living things. His parents encourage him to use his ability to know how someone feels. Johnathan understands that seeing Auras is a gift.

This book is best for children two years old to five years old. Many children come into the world with sensitivities that are sometimes hard to explain and cope with. I saw my first ghost at three years of age, and though not a scary situation, it left my parents in a predicament that led to them lying to me. Even my three year old brain knew that my parents weren’t telling me the truth about what I was seeing. I hope this series of books will be helpful when a similar situation arises for today’s parents and children.

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