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So excited

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I am so excited. Life is full of changes and right now mine is in an uproar. I’m buying a new house, taking care of my three granddaughters ages three and under. Getting ready to move and facing retirement.

Yes, for a while I moped around and had difficulty writing, but then I was called by my angels to do another project. “Angel Whispers,” where I share the ArchAngel’s messages with you. You will find these messages over at

As I write the messages to share with you, I am uplifted and held in divine hands. It feels wonderful. I started writing again and expect to publish Aqua Magic by the fall. Life feels more meaningful and connected. The craziness isn’t as bad. I can find peace and have a strong sense of security. Hallelujah!

I hope the messages can do some of the same for you. Ask the angels to walk with you everyday. They are waiting for your call.

2 thoughts on “So excited”

  1. This does sound exciting, hon. Very happy for you and very glad that you are writing again. I would love to have lunch with you sometime to go over a couple of projects I’ve been thinking about for a long time and get your advice. When you have some time after the dust settles a bit, let’s do lunch. Have fun!

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