Not Too Late – Bitten by Books.

 I had a great time over on Bitten by Books. It’s not too late to leave a comment and get entered into the drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. Come by and read why I write about the paranormal and then leave a comment. It’s that easy. 🙂

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Bitten by Books Guest Blog and Giveaway Today

Caryn%252520in%252520cloakI am Guest Blogging over on Bitten by Books today.


Come by and join us as I talk about why I write paranormal romance and seeing my first ghost when I was three years old. Notice I said “first” ghost? Yes, I’ve seen others.

I will also be answering questions about my newest release My Mate’s Embrace. In which Laurel’s mother appears to her in ghostly form to guide her daughter to heal from her step-father’s abuse. I hope to see you there! Please comment for a chance to win an Amazon Gift card. What kind of paranormal experiences have you had?

My Mates Embrace 72

RSVP today for Guest Blog tomorrow. Chance to win an Amazon gift card.

My Mates Embrace 72Bitten By will be hosting me on Friday.

Join us on 12/14 with author Caryn Moya Block for a Guest Blog, chat and contest. This event post goes up at 12:00pm Central and runs into the evening.  For those visiting from outside of the US, here is  the time conversion link. We are in the Chicago time zone:

She will be talking about her book My Mate’s Embrace. “Anton Volkov, Siberian lycanthrope, is following the scent of Laurel Harris, who is running away from her abusive stepfather. When Anton finds her, he is surprised to realize she is his mate, the one woman meant to be his. But the Russian mafia is also on her trail. In order to rescue Laurel, Anton must first get this troubled woman to trust him. Can love heal her wounded heart?”

CONTEST INFO: Open to readers WORLDWIDE Prize: A $25.00 Amazon Gift Card

RSVP below and get 25 entries to the prize portion of the contest when you show up on the day of the event. If you don’t show up and mention your RSVP your points won’t be entered into the contest.

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MoonKissed, A Comment

MoonKissed, A Comment.

     If you have visited my links to “Alpha’s Mate” it might be confusing to also read “MoonKissed, A Work of Fiction”.  So I thought to explain:

     “Alpha’s Mate” is set in current time in Russia, but is a completely different world from the world of MoonKissed.  I decided to experiment in writing in first person and MoonKissed was born.  I also wanted to write something humorous as well as encompass a mystery.  Amanda McKenna became my first werewolf detective.

    I always wondered about the Werewolf mythology, connecting the actual shifting into a wolf to the full moon.  If you look at some of the beliefs about the moon being a feminine energy, connected to the tides and 28 day cycle.  It made sense to create a world where only women can be werewolves.  Also the word “luna” is the root for “Lunacy” or “Lunatic” and it is believed that everyone gets a little crazy under the full moon.  Besides being crazy, it can also mean “foolishness” or “foolery”.

    So there you have it.  Two worlds for people who are kissed by the moon.  I hope you join me in the journey.

MoonKissed, A work of fiction, part two.

Chapter One, Part Two:

Anyway, today I was looking for a missing kid.  I had a lead that a little boy matching the description had been seen wandering down by one of the creeks, or runs as they are called in Virginia.  I had been following my nose as it were and had picked up the smell of bubblegum and sweat.  Thinking that I might have caught a break and could get this kid home to his worried parents by dinner time, made me elated.  That is the part of the job I love the most, happy endings.

So I followed the smell into this abandoned building.  Instead of finding the kid I was looking for I found a bank robber who had a thing for bubble gum.  When he pulled his gun I just knew my day wasn’t going to get any better.  Of course I lunged at him, the moonkissed can move pretty quick, and got a bullet to the shoulder for my trouble. 

“Damn that hurts”

  After, I subdued the culprit and had him handcuffed, my foot in the middle of his back.   I debated what to do about the blood running down my arm.  I knew it would heal quickly, but if I called the cops in they would want me to see a doctor or at least an EMT.  But I can’t do that.  Keeping our status as moonkissed, has been a secret for thousands of years.  The ruling council of priestesses wanted to keep it that way.  Don’t get me started on the ruling council.  My aunt just happens to be the head priestess and yes, she tries to make my life miserable.

So, I could change into a wolf and the wound would disappear completely.  But that meant giving the bank robber a peep show since I would have to strip in order to save my clothes. Decisions, decisions….  Finally I decided to knock the guy out so he wouldn’t see me change.  I don’t let just anyone see me naked.