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Bitten by Books Guest Blog and Giveaway Today

Caryn%252520in%252520cloakI am Guest Blogging over on Bitten by Books today.


Come by and join us as I talk about why I write paranormal romance and seeing my first ghost when I was three years old. Notice I said “first” ghost? Yes, I’ve seen others.

I will also be answering questions about my newest release My Mate’s Embrace. In which Laurel’s mother appears to her in ghostly form to guide her daughter to heal from her step-father’s abuse. I hope to see you there! Please comment for a chance to win an Amazon Gift card. What kind of paranormal experiences have you had?

My Mates Embrace 72

2 thoughts on “Bitten by Books Guest Blog and Giveaway Today”

  1. I finished the first two books Caryn Block wrote. I have about half of “My Mates Embrace.” Ms. Block’s writing gets better and better with each book. I feel the excitement of “My Mate’s Embrace” and look forward to learning what will happen to each of the main characters. She has done a very good job of describing the drunken step-father and his evil ways. Caryn really is building the excitement with this book.

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