MoonKissed, A Comment

MoonKissed, A Comment.

     If you have visited my links to “Alpha’s Mate” it might be confusing to also read “MoonKissed, A Work of Fiction”.  So I thought to explain:

     “Alpha’s Mate” is set in current time in Russia, but is a completely different world from the world of MoonKissed.  I decided to experiment in writing in first person and MoonKissed was born.  I also wanted to write something humorous as well as encompass a mystery.  Amanda McKenna became my first werewolf detective.

    I always wondered about the Werewolf mythology, connecting the actual shifting into a wolf to the full moon.  If you look at some of the beliefs about the moon being a feminine energy, connected to the tides and 28 day cycle.  It made sense to create a world where only women can be werewolves.  Also the word “luna” is the root for “Lunacy” or “Lunatic” and it is believed that everyone gets a little crazy under the full moon.  Besides being crazy, it can also mean “foolishness” or “foolery”.

    So there you have it.  Two worlds for people who are kissed by the moon.  I hope you join me in the journey.

MoonKissed, A work of fiction


Chapter One, Part One:

Being a were-wolf gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “that time of the month.”  Because when it’s that time of the month for a female were-wolf, you don’t have to “just” worry about PMS or cramps, you have to worry about things getting hairy.

Of course all were-wolves are female.  There are no male were-wolves, and all the books and movies that say so are wrong.  It has to do with the moon, and the tides, and the female energy, and finally with the X chromosome.  And it’s not a curse, in fact it was originally a blessing given by Luna to her priestesses.  It was called being Moonkissed, which is what the older were-wolves like to be called.  That or “The descendants of the priestesses of Luna.”

Then it was passed down from mother to daughter through the ages until today.  So here I am, Amanda McKenna, one of the Moonkissed living in the greater Washington DC area, oh, and I am a Detective.  Yes, I’ve heard all the jokes about taking a “bite” out of crime and sniffing out the clues.  My cousin and partner, Derek Cartwright, won’t let a day go by without some wise crack or other. He’s just jealous because he’s normal.   Which also gives a different meaning to the word “Bitch” or maybe not.