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MoonKissed, A Comment

MoonKissed, A Comment.      If you have visited my links to "Alpha's Mate" it might be confusing to also read "MoonKissed, A Work of Fiction".  So I thought to explain:      "Alpha's Mate" is set in current time in Russia, but is a completely different world from the world of MoonKissed.  I decided to experiment… Continue reading MoonKissed, A Comment

Work of Fiction

MoonKissed, A work of fiction

MOONKISSED Chapter One, Part One: Being a were-wolf gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “that time of the month.”  Because when it’s that time of the month for a female were-wolf, you don’t have to “just” worry about PMS or cramps, you have to worry about things getting hairy. Of course all were-wolves… Continue reading MoonKissed, A work of fiction