Work of Fiction

MoonKissed, A work of fiction


Chapter One, Part One:

Being a were-wolf gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “that time of the month.”  Because when it’s that time of the month for a female were-wolf, you don’t have to “just” worry about PMS or cramps, you have to worry about things getting hairy.

Of course all were-wolves are female.  There are no male were-wolves, and all the books and movies that say so are wrong.  It has to do with the moon, and the tides, and the female energy, and finally with the X chromosome.  And it’s not a curse, in fact it was originally a blessing given by Luna to her priestesses.  It was called being Moonkissed, which is what the older were-wolves like to be called.  That or “The descendants of the priestesses of Luna.”

Then it was passed down from mother to daughter through the ages until today.  So here I am, Amanda McKenna, one of the Moonkissed living in the greater Washington DC area, oh, and I am a Detective.  Yes, I’ve heard all the jokes about taking a “bite” out of crime and sniffing out the clues.  My cousin and partner, Derek Cartwright, won’t let a day go by without some wise crack or other. He’s just jealous because he’s normal.   Which also gives a different meaning to the word “Bitch” or maybe not.