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Confessions of a Para-Normal – My first ghost.

 Confessions of a Para-Normal - My first ghost by Caryn Moya Block I saw my first ghost when I was three years old. Since that time, I have seen several ghosts, some with my eyes and some with my inner eye. This one I saw with my eyes. I was a precocious three year old… Continue reading Confessions of a Para-Normal – My first ghost.

Personal Commentary, Poetry

Pastel Colors – A Poem

Pastel Colors By Caryn Moya Block   I like to see the world in pastel colors Soft and light, they envelope me in a feeling of safety. Never is there a harsh word or blaring crisis Only a gentle breeze and soft whispers of delight. Here is a sanctuary filled with birdsong and pastries A… Continue reading Pastel Colors – A Poem

Work of Fiction

Destined Magic – Book Trailer

I love this Book Trailer. Hope you do too. Destined Magic The Witch Guardian Romance Series Book One Garrett Amhurst, a member of the Witch Guardian Police Force, investigates a claim of Blood Magic at the Blue Dolphin. He is surprised to find his “destined one” is the owner. She isn’t guilty of participating in the… Continue reading Destined Magic – Book Trailer