Brand New Year


Sunrise over Williamsburg, VA – Photo by Caryn Moya Block

It’s a Brand New Year! Many of us are setting goals and planning what we want to accomplish in 2019.

Last year at this time, I was full of drive and ambition, planning five books to release and thinking I could do it all. But then the Universe stepped in and I fell. The concussion was bad and sent me to bed for several weeks. All my dreams and plans for 2018 went flying out of my  head. 😉

I was so happy being able to get two books out to you last year after my injury, “Katya” A Volkov Family Chronicles Book, and “Christmas Shadow” A Shadow Walker – Lycan Hybrid Second Generation Romance. Both books begin New Series that tell the stories of the children of my Lycan pack members and the children of the Shadow Walker Tribe.

I have to report that I am still having problems from my fall and the Post-Concussion Syndrome symptoms I still struggle with.  However, I will continue to write to the best of my ability when the muse comes for a visit.

If you look at the coming soon page, you will see I still have “Terrene Magic” to write, a Witch Guardian Fantasy Romance Book, as well as “Nightmare Love,” Book one of the new Mara Cursed Romance Series, for you. If everything goes well this year, I will be concentrating on these two books first. I also hope to bring you “Rurik” the second book of the Volkov Family Chronicles Series. We’ll see what the Universe has in store for me in 2019.

I appreciate your messages of support and as always your faithful following.

I wish all of you a happy, prosperous, New Year.

Sending Virtual Hugs,


Christmas Surprise – Christmas Shadow

After falling and suffering a concussion, I wasn’t sure if I could write a Christmas story this year. SURPRISE!
Newly released, I bring you:

Christmas Shadow
Christmas Shadow
Book One of the Shadow Walker-Lycan Hybrid Second Generation Romance Series

Aleksei Sokolov, a Shadow Walker-Lycan Hybrid, is trying to protect his best friend, Daven McCloud. He installs an Isanti security system in Daven’s Beverly Hills estate and assumes his identity. Stepping into Daven’s shoes puts him directly in the path of a killer, but it also puts him in the path of Sheridan Harbrook, who has been contracted to decorate Daven’s estate for Christmas.
One whiff of her elusive scent and Aleksei thinks he’s found his mate, but where is the Lycan Heartmate Bond? How could he be falling in love with a woman who isn’t his mate?
Sheridan Harbrook is struggling to care for her terminally ill mother and keep her business afloat. She has no time for anything else, let alone love. She’s seen Daven McCloud at parties before and thought him an immature playboy. Despite his reputation, she agrees to decorate his estate for his company’s annual Christmas gala.
When she meets with the man she believes is Daven, she can’t help but be surprised at how different he is when he doesn’t have a starlet on his arm. Feeling that she’s misjudged him, she lets him kiss her goodnight, even though the evening was strictly business.
She likes the man and one kiss tells her she could more than like him. But as their relationship progresses, danger surrounds them both. Will involving herself with a client put her in the crosshairs of a murderer and will this Christmas be her last?

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