Spring – A Poem

The month of April is almost gone. I hope you've enjoyed the poems I've shared for National Poetry Month. Spring Winter is tucked into bed, awaiting autumn’s call. While Spring dances to and fro, encouraging buds to bloom and sap to run, birds to sing and creeks to burble. Spring dances until Summer comes to… Continue reading Spring – A Poem

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Stuck in Stone – A Poem

“Stuck In Stone” By Caryn Moya Block For decades did we stand My brother and I Upon the site of our eternal rest. Stuck in stone All alone Unable to go home. Day turned into night Night turned into day Until even our names were forgotten. Then one bright morning the children came playing Dancing… Continue reading Stuck in Stone – A Poem

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After the Climb – A Poem

After the Climb, A Poem, By Caryn Moya Block You stand on the edge wondering if you will fall. If the dirt beneath your feet will drop away. You’ve climbed the path and you can almost reach the stars. Then you find the trail is not as stable as you thought. You look out at… Continue reading After the Climb – A Poem