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Stuck in Stone – A Poem

Charleston Ghosts copy

“Stuck In Stone”

By Caryn Moya Block

For decades did we stand

My brother and I

Upon the site of our eternal rest.

Stuck in stone

All alone

Unable to go home.

Day turned into night

Night turned into day

Until even our names were forgotten.

Then one bright morning the children came playing

Dancing and screeching, running and laughing

Hope was awakened at last.

Then with a push and a shove

A wobble and turn, the statues fell


The children screamed and ran

Fearing their mother’s tongue

Except one little girl.

With a silent smile she watched

As we burst from our tomb

and into our father’s embrace.

With a wave and a laugh

She skipped down the path

As we turned to the light.

Finally free to move on

Our waiting long

Into the beyond.