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New Release

By Caryn Moya Block

Karina – The Volkov Family Chronicles

Karina Volkov, daughter of the Siberian Lycan Pack Alpha, ran away to Siberia after finishing college. Now she’s back in America to celebrate her brother’s wedding. The man she loved and left behind, comes to the wedding to claim her. When the mating bond snaps into place, he is now considered her Alpha and takes her from her family. Can Karina convince the cold Lycan to open the heartmate bond and let love determine their future? Or will she be bonded to a man who will never really love her?
Jasper Grayden, Alberta Canadian Alpha, knows that if Karina knew his plans, she would run away from him. He’s hunting the humans responsible for killing his sister and her mate during a kidnapping attempt. He’s found and killed all but one underling and now has his sights on the man who ordered the kidnapping. Jasper will use everything in his power to trap his sister’s killer, including his mate. He may not deserve an innocent like Karina for a mate, but he will never let her go.

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