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Newly Released — Aqua Magic


Aqua Magic
Book Four of the Witch Guardian Fantasy Romance Series

 Brenna Ross is trapped in her own mind. Possessed by a Marwolaeth, that is slowly killing her, it used her to murder those she loves. As hard as she struggles to regain control of her body, she can’t break free. Still she will fight, desperately trying to tell her sister she’s sorry.
Marcus Ondine knew the minute the little witch and her older sister walked into his pub, The Blue Dolphin, that she was “the one” — what the magical folk call his “Destined One.” Now he’s returned to Earth to find her possessed by the Marwolaeth. Only by taking her to his home world of Aquarius can he save her from death, but what will happen when she wakes and finds herself in an underwater world?
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Sneak Peek:

Chapter One

Brenna Ross, Water Witch, focused all her strength and will to make her mouth whisper the word she wanted. Lips press together then tongue to the roof of your mouth.
“Peanut,” she said, with an outpouring of breath.
She began again, pushing against the walls that confined her mind and pulling the trickle of magic that still existed within her body to follow her will. Lips press together then tongue to the roof of your mouth.
“Peanut,” she whispered.
Again, she mustered her strength. Brenna wasn’t going to give up. Now that someone put nullifying cuffs on her wrists and put her body into a trance-like state, the parasitic Marwolaeth possessing her was confined. If only her sister would get the message!
Gabriella must remember Peanut, the little dog they both loved so much. She could still smell his puppy fur. See his loving brown eyes. He was accidently put down, innocent of attacking a small child.
Brenna wanted to shy away from the memory as much as she wanted to forget the Marwolaeth using her to kill her mother’s best friend, Venetia. It wasn’t her fault. She was innocent like Peanut. The Marwolaeth controlled her body. The creature only let her see it happening to increase the agony and horror Brenna already felt. She’d tried to stop her finger on the trigger, but all she could do was watch. Watch as the bullet penetrated and blood spattered. Watch as the beloved old woman sunk to the floor before darkness surrounded Brenna again.
She stopped that train of thought. Guilt and recriminations needed to wait until she was free of the Marwolaeth. The creature fed off her despair and horror of being locked in her own mind.
She concentrated on making her lips and tongue move.
Brenna couldn’t open her eyes and could hardly feel her body lying on a cot. But, she heard her sister talking when Gabby visited Brenna’s poor lifeless body.
Again, Brenna made her mouth form the word.
Gabby came to visit again today. Brenna heard the Guardian on duty take notice of her saying the word over and over. Gabriella leaned close as Brenna whispered the word.
Gabby must get the message, she just has too.
At least the constant pain stopped. The Guardians put her body into a coma, crippling the Marwolaeth’s ability to feed off of Brenna’s magic. Once her magic was gone, her soul would be next. If Brenna could have, she would have shivered.
Her magic grew weaker. She could feel it within her mental prison. Soon, she would die if Gabby didn’t figure out a way to get the parasite out. Brenna sighed in her mind. She didn’t want to die, though some might think she deserved to. She’d done some horrible things while possessed. Really horrible.
She pushed against the walls confining her mind.


Marcus Ondine swam down, lower and lower, until the water became icy and dark. He shivered while searching for the lights that marked the entrance to the cave. It was finally time to get back to Earth and his “Destined One”. His heartbeat sped up at the thought. What kind of woman did she grow up to be? He couldn’t wait to find out.
Marcus nodded at the guards and waited for them to allow him entrance. When they hesitated, he flashed the golden medallion he wore around his neck. The first guard jumped and quickly swam out of the way. The second guard frowned and slowly lowered his staff weapon. Marcus made a mental note to speak to someone when he returned about the second guard’s attitude, if he returned.
He swam into the rock cavern and noticed a silvery sheen coming from one of the tunnels. Without pausing he continued swimming down the corridor until he faced a large luminous mirror. Taking a deep breath, he plunged into the light.
The silvery surface parted, coating him in shining light. He blinked, unable to make out anything but a blur as he fell through space. His heartbeat filled his ears and his hands made fists. He gritted his teeth. If the portal wasn’t properly calibrated he could be ripped apart.
After what felt like an eternity, Marcus’s body slammed into reality, jarring his every cell. He moaned and blinked his eyes. He floated inside a white plastic chest. A bubble of air filled the space pushing the lid open. Marcus tumbled out of the contraption and began to swim toward the surface, following the bubble, and heading for the light above.
He called his magic and felt his tail shrink and split, while his whole body grew in size. Up, up, up he surged. The gills on his neck closed and suddenly Marcus didn’t have enough air.
When dark spots started to appear before his eyes, and he feared passing out, he reached the top. The lid to the fish tank fell into his arms as he took breath after breath of fresh air. He glanced down at his naked dripping form, seeing muscular thighs and legs. His normally silvery blue skin turned the color of human flesh.
“Earth,” he sighed.
“Marcus Ondine, what are you doing here and where have you been? It’s been six years since you disappeared. I thought you were dead.”
Marcus smiled at the familiar voice. He turned to see Gabriella Ross, her hands on her hips as she scowled at him while wearing a flannel blue-green pajama set. He glanced around the unfamiliar space, taking in the darkness outside the windows, the large rooms and expensive furniture. Where were they?
“Not dead, missing.” He swiped his hand through his long, brown hair, and pushed the dripping strands from his face. “I needed permission to marry from the council of Aegae. Now, why is my fish tank in this house and not my apartment? Where is Brenna?”