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New Release – Shadow Mate – Second Sneak Peek

New Release, November 17th, “Shadow Mate”, Book Eleven in the Siberian Volkov Pack Romance Series.

Shadow Walker meets Siberian Lycan.

Sneak Peak #2:

Raven brushed Lindy’s mind. Her thoughts were fuzzy, but she fought the drugs in her system.

“Mate comes,” she sent him.

“Joe, Lindy’s mate is coming to her. Who is it and why hasn’t he contacted me?”

“I haven’t heard of anyone being marked. Are you sure?”

“Yes, she just told me. If her mate would track her through Shadow, we could find her in minutes.”

“I’ll alert security. You should check with Hugh Thunder Hoof. As far as I know, no one has come forward.”

“When we know who it is, I’ll walk him through Shadow to Moscow myself.”

“Raven, has it occurred to you that maybe he isn’t a Shadow Walker? Doesn’t it seem strange that Lindy has found a mate in Russia?”

Shadow Mate2Coming November 17, 2015

Shadow Mate

Book Eleven of the Siberian Volkov Pack Romance Series

Cross-Over to Shadow Walker Series


Sergei Sokolov, Siberian Lycan, is surprised when the mating bond snaps into place and connects him to a woman being attacked in Moscow. Knowing he may lose his destined mate sends him running to rescue her.

Lindy Quiet Thunder, Shadow Walker, is investigating strange lapses of lost time in a team of Marines. While taking the unit to Moscow for a little R&R, Lindy is attacked. As she loses consciousness her mind connects to her mate. Who is behind the attack and will her mate find her in time?

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