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New Release – Black and Shadow – Sneak Peek #1

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Sneak Peek #1

“Shit, you don’t even know her.” Joe shook his head and laid the file down, unable to concentrate on the words with his thoughts centered on Jessica. But he’d like to know her. He opened his desk and took out the pilfered photograph he kept hidden. Looking at it, he felt the same warmth in his chest and feeling of possessiveness he always felt. Eyes the color of sapphires smiled at him. Red hair curled softly around her porcelain face. Her smile took his breath away. He rubbed his finger over the image.

Black and Shadow

 Shadow Walker Tribe Romance Series

   Book Three

Joseph Running Bear is a member of the Shadow Walker’s, a covert black ops unit, and head of security for Isanti, Inc. So when one of his men gets killed by terrorists, he takes it personally. Once the terrorists are destroyed, Joe is left with the guilt and loss of his friend, Fred Black. All that’s left to do is send the man’s belongings to his little sister in New York City.

Jessica Black heads west to New Mexico to find out what really happened to her brother. The police haven’t been any help, stating national security, but Jessica doesn’t buy it. Fred would never be caught unawares if he was mixed up with terrorists. Plus there is the company, Isanti, Inc. that her brother worked for, a company he was trying to get her to join. She knows something more is going on. Why all the secrecy and runaround if this is a simple case of her brother being caught in the crossfire?

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