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It’s a Brand New Year

Book heart  It’s a Brand New Year!

Thank you everyone that has stopped by!

After taking a much needed break at Christmas, I am ready to get back to blogging and telling all of you about my new books and writing experiences.

First of all, Congratulations to Alisha Frias, Lynn Smith, and Dominique Goodall, the winners of my contests at the Vampires, Werewolves, and Shifters, Oh My! Facebook Party. I have contacted the winners by email and their prizes will be in the mail, pronto.

Next, after talking to the powers that be, we have decided to push back the releases of my new books this year, to give me more time, and to have a calmer writing experience, and hopefully better books. So, I have just put the second book of the Witch Guardian Romance Series, “Aerial Magic,” up for Pre-Order. Links to the different sites will be added to the Coming Soon page as they go live. Thank you to Cora Graphics for the fantastic book cover!Medium Aerial

For those of you that can’t wait for the next Siberian Volkov Romance, “My Perfect Mate” will be coming June 8th. This is the 10th book in the series and the third book for the Quebec Pack. it will be a cross-over with the Witch Guardians.

I know some of you keep wondering what is happening with the American packs and I promise those questions will be answered, starting with book #11, “Shadow Mate,” a cross-over book with the Shadow Walkers.

In the Shadow Walker Tribe Romance Series, we will be returning with book #3, “Black and Shadow”, Tentative Release Date, August 3rd. This is Joe Running bear’s story and I’m sure you’ll enjoy returning to that world. Joe will have his hands full with Jessica Black.

Sometime in November, will be the Lycan holiday story. I’m not really sure who is going to raise their hand for that one, but I expect it will be the English Pack, or the Paris Pack.

Thank you to my fans for staying with me. I’m sure that 2015 is going to be a great year!

8 thoughts on “It’s a Brand New Year”

  1. I absolutely love bot the Siberian Volkov and Witch Guardian series. I only wish I didn’t have to wait so long for the release of “My Perfect Mate.” I’ll be in basic training when it is released so I’ll have to wait a bit longer to read it but if it’s anything like your other books, I know it’ll be well worth the wait! 🙂

    1. Wow, Kim, that’s great. My husband served 20 years in the Air Force. Which service are you entering? Contact me when you have a new address. I’ll send a care package.
      Good luck and hugs.

      1. I’m also entering the Air Force. Thanks for you offer of a care package. Just getting a response from you probably made my week! I want to thank your husband for his service as well as you for the sacrifices that you had to made with in order for him to serve his county.

  2. Do you sell signed copies? I wasn’t one of the lucky ones at the event but I would love to get The Siberian Volkov books.

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