Guest Blogging W/Terry Spear

Rose on page

I am over on Terry Spears Blog today with a special Christmas story featuring the Volkov Twins, Katya and Karina. Leave a comment and the first ten people win a FREE eBook. Come on over and join the fun!


Lupus Animus – Charity Anthology

Lupus AnimusI have the pleasure of being one of the featured authors in this Anthology along with Terry Spear and others.

Lupus Animus: Charity Anthology is a compillialtion book with an abundance of treasured thoughts and stories geared towards the beloved wolf. Delightful poems full of life and promise, as well as rich stories filling the mood with mystery and resilience while pulling its reader in. A lot of heart went into writing these beautiful stories.

I love that this anthology is donating its profits to Artisan Rarebreeds an organization that is channelled directly into the care, accommodation, maintenance and improvement of their animal residents.

Please consider donating today!

Winner, Free copy of My Magic Mate

my magic mate 2 copyMargie Subia. You are the winner of the autographed copy of “My Magic Mate” offered on Terry Spears Blog.

Please email me at: , so I can get your address. I will be autographing your copy, so let me know who that special person is.

Thanks so much for entering and leaving a comment!

Guest Appearance and Free Giveaway


My good friend, Terry Spear, at the Sourcebooks signing.

Today on Terry’s Blog she is featuring pictures of me and telling stories of what happened at the Romance Writers of America conference in Atlanta. I had the pleasure of rooming with Terry and meeting a bunch of wonderful authors.

We joked about the stories we could tell about each other. Terry shared that she has a problem getting lost. So I will share a secret too. I love to dress up!

Here is a picture of the costume I wore at the FF&P chapter dinner. I won the contest. I think it was the hat.

For more pictures and a chance to win a free autographed paperback copy of “My Magic Mate” head over to Terry’s Blog and leave a comment.

RWA Nationals, Atlanta, 2013 026 Terry and I FFp