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More Pre-Order Opportunities for Beta’s Mate

Coming October 6th: Beta’s Mate Book Eight of the Siberian Volkov Pack Romance Series.   Brenda Scott, while being cured of cancer, had her world turned upside down when she shifted into a wolf. Now living in Quebec with her new pack, she wonders if her dream of being in a special operations unit is… Continue reading More Pre-Order Opportunities for Beta’s Mate

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Book Cover Reveal – Wolfe’s Mate

Coming June 17, 2014 Wolfe's Mate By Caryn Moya Block I love this cover! Cora Graphics is the Artist. Isn't it yummy? Wolfe’s Mate A Siberian Volkov Romance Book Seven   When her brother accidentally turns her into a lycan, Esme Fortescue struggles to find her balance. Now while her brother desperately attempts to return… Continue reading Book Cover Reveal – Wolfe’s Mate