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Rose on pageAs an author, you would think that writing Blog posts would be easy for me. Nope, I never know what to write. If a book is coming out then it’s easy for me to figure out what needs to be said. But, when I just want to connect with my readers, I agonize over what to put in front of you.

So I’m going to ask you, my reader. What do you want in my blog posts? (Please leave a comment with your answers)

Here are some ideas:   Writing tips

                                    Personal Inspiration Stories

                                    In-depth character reviews

                                    Pet stories

                                    Daily diary tales



I’m sure there are many more topics not listed.

I need to hear from you! I want to connect and I need help doing so. I feel like the girl at the dance that nobody notices. Let’s dance, give me a topic. I’ll share what I know and you can pick my brain clean.

I’m waiting to hear from you,


4 thoughts on “Captivating Blog Posts”

  1. All of the above, especially character reviews!
    I have read and enjoyed a few of your. I love your books, but I think that Trapped in Shadow is in a class all its own. It’s complex, textured and really involving, and is packed with characters who are fun and interesting to read about.
    The book is a non-stop tale of romance, action and intrigue. The characters are realistic and fun, and the action scenes enhanced by very well integrated magic. The plot moves logically and smoothly. This is an excellent read: either stand-alone or as part of a series. Thank you for such an enjoyable book!

  2. I find your stories of paranormal events fascinating and I know others would also. Speaking of your angels gives a sense of reassurance in this world of chaos.

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