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Sneak Peek #1 – Trapped In Shadow – Coming April 25, 2016

  Sneak Peek #1:

“You touch one hair on Hugh’s head and more than my covers will be blown.” Each word was followed with a poke to the chest. “I’ll leak every dirty little secret you hold dear, including the fact you married a Russian spy. Tell me, Dad. Did you have her murdered when you found out?”


  April 25, 2016 release.

                                                          Trapped In ShadowTrappedinShadow_Medium2

 Book Four in the Shadow Walker Tribe Romance Series

Stacey Johnson is all about secrets. She’s an operative for the government and kills people on command. Love has no place in her life. Even when she dreams about Hugh Thunder Hoof, the one man who makes her wish for a different lifestyle. With him she can believe that happy endings are possible.

Hugh Thunder Hoof, Shadow Walker, left the service after being injured. Now he walks with a slight limp. The one thing he still craves from that crazy lifestyle is his last partner, Stacey Johnson. When she shows up in his life five years later, he thinks he’ll finally get his wish. But Stacey isn’t going to make it easy on him and once again when the  mission is finished she disappears. Only this time, he’s going after her.

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