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Poetry – In Hard Times

I normally wait to post my poetry in April for National Poetry Month. But I find that when things take a downturn in my life my words come in poems to express my sorrows.

In February one of my Shetland Sheepdogs died. Her name was Truly. Even now I tear up when I face her absence. She was a wonderful companion and the following poetry came about because of her loss.




slips away

like sand through my fingers

until suddenly



Passing On

Warm arms lift

Holding you cradled to a

Heartbeat of love.

Angel wings unfurl

You are flying

Away from Earth

Into another step of your journey

And a new beginning.


Truly (dogs)

They come to you with licks

of love for your hands and face.

Embrace their unconditional love now

as their joy washes over you.

For time is fleeting and one day

they’ll be gone and you will miss

those tail wags and sloppy kisses.


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