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Sneak Peek #1 – My Perfect Mate


Sneak Peek #1

4 days to go until release. Here is the first Sneak Peek. I hope you love it!

 The beautiful angel lying next to him breathed deeply and then her eyelids fluttered. Mathis helped JP to his feet, while the healer checked the woman.

“Brenda, I felt like I was shot,” she said. “One bullet grazed my head and the other went into my chest. The pain was terrible. I blacked out.”

“That was your mate getting shot, not you,” Brenda explained.

 JP moved forward and held out his hand to Susan. “I’m Jean-Paul Nadeau. I’m your destined mate.”



Myperfectmate_HugeMy Perfect Mate

The Siberian Volkov Pack Romance Book Ten

 Six months have passed since Susan Adams was forced to become a lycan. She’s embraced the wolf with her whole heart, but having super senses and running on four feet can’t help her keep a job or figure out where she belongs. Now, with a mating bond snapping into place and the mating heat riding her hard, Susan’s wolf is demanding she cement the bond in place. There’s only one problem. Her mate isn’t a lycan. In fact, she’s not sure what he is, and mating Susan is the farthest thing on his mind.

 Jean Paul Nadeau is not your ordinary elemental witch. He’s one of the famed Averys, as human witches know him. In truth, he is an immortal Fae Lord sent by the Queen of Avalon to guard a dimensional gateway sitting in the middle of Quebec City. When the lycan mating bond attaches to his heart, JP is both delighted and dismayed. Finding his “Destined One” is an unexpected gift, one that could cost him more than his immortality.

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