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April is National Poetry Month

IMAG1002-20150411-162655926B  April is National Poetry Month

At the Local Authors Fair at Cascades Library, Stirling VA. I met a charming, witty man by the name of Leonard Greenberg. He has written three books and I bought one. His “A Lifetime of Songs” is wonderful as you read through the lyrics he’s written throughout his life. He very nicely gave me permission to share some of his song lyrics with you.

I thought that April would be a wonderful time to share his fabulous rhymes. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. For more information on his books, follow the link above.

The Rest of My Life

The rest of my life

Whenever you need me,

I’ll bring you comfort and fun.

The rest of my life

I’ll go where you lead me,

Two hearts are better than one.

            Gone are the wiles of my childhood

            We’ll start a life.

            Husband and wife!

The joy you’ve supplied,

Your warmth and your laughter

Are like the rays of the sun.

With you by my side

To share ever after,

You’ll be my treasure,

My infinite pleasure,

The best of the rest of my life.

(Copyright 1998 Leonard Greenberg)

2 thoughts on “April is National Poetry Month”

  1. Thank you for sharing this (and for Mr. Greenberg’s generosity). I have only been married for three years, but this verse feels so right. I’ll have to look into more of his work to share with my wife. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks, JTWilder for commenting. Mr. Greenberg is a sweetheart and I love his work. He actually serenaded me more than once during the day. If he was 25 years younger, I could have fallen for him. 🙂

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