Judge Judy, Channing Tatum, Bourbon, Jimmy Choo, Cheetos & Ryan Ghosling…what do they have in common?

Selena Robins, Author

They are some of the things that authors are thankful for.

I’m also thinking this blog title could be a movie.

What do you think?

Picture it:Judge Judy presides over a case where Channing Tatum is charged with drinking bourbon while wearing Jimmy Choo’s and tossing Cheetos at Ryan Ghosling. Yes? No?

Perhaps that could be a blog post for another day, but this week it’s all about YOU. Yes. YOU.

It goes without saying that I (as well as my fellow authors) are grateful for our families, friends and our creative gift.

We are also extremely thankful for all of YOU book lovers; readers, bloggers, librarians, book sellers.

We are happy to welcome you all to the READER APPRECIATION EVENT, gifting books in a variety of genres.


Meet the Authors and their contribution to the event.

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