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Book Cover Reveal for “A Siberian Werewolf Christmas”

SWCNovember 2013

 A Siberian Werewolf Christmas

A Novella

 Margaret “Maggie” Brady knows she must be out of her mind to go to Siberia for Christmas. But her intuition won’t let her turn down the invitation of her best friend, Violet Volkov. When she meets the good looking  Vyacheslav Putyatinov, she knows just what she wants for Christmas.

Vyacheslav “Slava” Putyatinov thinks any human woman coming to the Siberian Lycan village will be trouble. But one unmated could be a disaster. When he is put in charge of the American siren he  finds trouble can lead to desire.

Here it is! Let me know what you think about it. Leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Book Cover Reveal for “A Siberian Werewolf Christmas””

    1. Thanks Deborah,
      The Christmas novella will take us back to Siberia. But there are three stories that will come out of Paris. Durant, Duval, and Darcel. Then there is the mystery voice claiming Esme. Lots of stories to write. 🙂 so little time. Right now I am working on edits for the Christmas novella and writing the first book in the Guardian series, which will feature Garrett, Meadow’s half brother. Then there is the Shadow Walker series and Derek’s story.
      Wish me luck,

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