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My Magic Mate – Coming April 16th – Sneak Peek #3

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My Magic Mate – Coming April 16th

Sneak Peek #3

“I’m so nervous, Brencis. What if he doesn’t like me?” Meadow said, trembling under his hand.

“Then, I’ll bite him,” Brencis said, smiling down at his mate.

My Magic Mate

Book Four of the Siberian Volkov Pack Series

Brencis Solovyov, a Siberian lycanthrope, isn’t looking for a mate. When he visits the local metaphysical store, he is repulsed by the owner’s purple hair and combat boots. And when she gives him a potion that accidently poisons him, he fears for his life. The fact that she is his mate can only be a trick of destiny. After she claims to be a witch, he knows she is truly crazy. But there is something magical about the woman, and he isn’t the only one who has noticed her strange powers. Can he keep her safe from the danger surrounding her? Will he get over his prejudice and let his magic mate cast a spell of love on him?

2 thoughts on “My Magic Mate – Coming April 16th – Sneak Peek #3”

  1. I read the book in one night. I really enjoyed it.. Can’t want for Joe’s story. When is it coming out, and will you do Seth?

    1. Hi Lisha,
      I am so glad you liked My Magic Mate! Please leave a review and help spread the word. Joe’s story, A Siberian Werewolf in Paris will be coming out this summer. I am still writing it, so I don’t know the exact date yet.
      I am sure Seth will be getting his own book, but he hasn’t told me what the story line is yet. Until he speaks up, he’ll have to wait in line behind the other lycans whispering in my ear. 🙂

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