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New Series, New Release – Shadow of My Heart – Sneak Peek #1

Coming March 26th – Join me for 5 days of sneak peeks.

Shadow of My Heart

The Shadow Walker Series Book One

Raven Darkwood, Shadow Walker, leader, and shaman of the Nuni Nagi Tribe, as well as CEO of Isanti Inc., the conglomerate his tribe owns and manages, is also a spy for the government. His mentor Isanti Quiet Thunder has prophesied the perfect mate for him. But how can he find her when he doesn’t have time to date? And how can he bring an innocent into his crazy violent world?

Sneak Peek #1


Thump thump, thump thump, the tribal drumbeat echoed the rhythm of fourteen-year-old Raven Darkwood’s heart as he faced his final and most dangerous test. Would the Shadow Dimension accept him as one of her own? If she did, a mark would be burned into his chest to the left of his heart, symbolizing his entrance into manhood and acceptance as an equal at the tribal-council fire. If not, he would be exiled from the tribe to make his way in the world alone.

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  1. Really like the cover of your new series. Looking forward to reading the first book in your Shadow Walker series. JD

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