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Merry Christmas or S Rahzh-Dyes-Tvom Khrees-Toh-Vim

S RAHZH-DYES-TVOM KHREES-TOH-VIM is the proper pronunciation of: С Рождеством or “Merry Christmas” in Russian. I started researching Christmas in Russia while wondering how my “lycans” from my series of books, The Siberian Volkov Pack, would celebrate. Especially since the Alpha, Dmitry is married to an American and has twin daughters. I’m sure Violet would want the children to have presents under a Christmas tree.

The Russian “Santa Claus” is called Ded Morose, or Father Frost. He and his grandaughter Snegurochka, the snow maiden ride in a traditional russian troika carrying an evergreen tree and presents for children, which is drawn by three horses.

So, from the Siberian Volkov Pack and from my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Ded Morose

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