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My Mate’s Embrace – Sneak Peek.

My Mate’s Embrace will be available on Amazon October 2nd 2012. Here is a small snippet. Hope you enjoy it.

Sneak Peek #1

The first raindrop hit Laurel in the eye. Within moments, the cloud-filled sky opened up, and a deluge of water soaked through her T-shirt and jeans. She shivered as the sky darkened even more, turning the summer evening into twilight. Wiping her eyes, she continued up the mountain trail to the scenic river overlook. The trees and wildflowers became a blur as she concentrated on where to put her feet on the wet path. Laurel glanced down at the Lena River in the canyon below. It rushed along as the wind picked up, blowing until the water churned and flew up into the air. Lightening flashed from cloud to cloud, and there was a large boom. Laurel gasped in fear, feeling shock waves of thunder roll over her.

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