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From the heart – Just because

Several things happened this week that made me think about thoughts and words and how they affect us.

Yes, I am an optimist. One of the half-full kind of people, always have been. Not that I haven’t suffered strife and depression in my life, I have.

But I have always been able to recover my optimism and lift my soul after a hard fall. Not always easily, but eventually. So this morning, when I awoke at dawn, I reached over to my tablet to read a promising YA book. After several hours I came to the end. The story grabbed me and kept moving, but the end left me feeling hopeless and sad.

I was so disappointed, and slightly angry. After all, the book had great reviews and was highly recommended. But why would I want to read a book that makes me feel bad? Then I was thinking about the fact that our young adults were reading this book and probably feeling bad.

Now as an author, I know you can’t please everyone with what you write. I also know that books need conflict to be interesting.  My mentor had just reminded me a couple days before that you have to write from the heart.  When you do that you can take rejection when someone doesn’t like your work.

I am sure the author of the YA book I read was writing from the heart. But she left me, her reader, feeling sad and hopeless. If I want to feel sad and hopeless I can watch the nightly news. So where is this message going you are probably asking?

Well, I’m not really sure. But I think, for me, that the world will throw things at you that make you feel sad and hopeless. But don’t give in to that. Stay strong and stay positive. Life can never get better if you’re wallowing in hopelessness.

Think positive thoughts, have positive feelings, and take positive actions.  Be the change you want to see in the world. We are powerful, spiritual beings. We can do this.

I know I will be writing from the heart and I promise, if you read my books, you will find a happy ending. That’s one way I put those positive thoughts and feelings into the world. Will you join me?

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  1. Thank you for posting such positive thoughts about people being the ones to help make the world a better place by being positive themselves. After all everybody does love a happy ending. Your two books are great reading and I am looking forward to the next in the series. Happy writing, Deb

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