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Reading and Writing

I followed some advice from my author friends and joined “” this week. As I went through the lists of books I’ve read, it hit me that here was a map to the author I have become. It started in 1977 when I fell madly in love with a book by Andre Norton called “Catseye”. It was a sci-fi book about a man who joined up with some animals as they shared a psychic connection and could speak to each other. There is more as I found Anne McCaffrey and “The Dragon Riders of Pern” and so on.

Now I write romances where men turn into wolves and have a psychic connection to their mate. Not really that hard to see if you knew me then.  If you know me now, it might surprise you.  But stay tuned and you’ll see how it all came to be.

That’s all for now! Happy Reading and Happy Writing!

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  1. It’s true…the books we read and have read shape us…and the more we read the better writers we can become.. thank you Caryn you got me to walk down memory lane.

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