Book Cover Reveal – A Siberian Werewolf in Paris

Siberian Werewolf in Paris copy2A Siberian Werewolf In Paris by Caryn Moya Block

Book Five of the Siberian Volkov Pack Series

Valerii Belikov, Siberian lycanthrope, knew that under the baseball cap and grubby jeans “Little Joe MacDonald” was actually Josephine. He didn’t know why she was hiding, but when the mating bond snapped into place after she was injured, he never expected her to run away. Josie is his mate, the one woman meant to be his, and should have known they couldn’t live apart. He could accept her hiding, but there was no way he could give her up.

Josephine Chevalier knew this day would come. Her father’s killers had found her. To keep her pack mates in England safe, she needed to run. It was time to return to Paris where it all started five years ago. Now if only Valerii, the man she wanted above all others, would stay away. Looking down at the golden cord tying their hearts together, she realized he would come. How could she keep him safe?

Coming Late Summer or Early Fall. Check back for more information.

Jury Duty – A Thought

Jury Duty by Caryn Moya Block

Democracy and it’s teachings prove that a brother really is your keeper.

To sit on a jury and listen to evidence that will change someone’s life.

The responsibility we all hold to care and give our best judgment in service of another and in doing so, in service to all.

We like to pretend we are separate and apart, but in truth we are all one.